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My Furniture Bank!

Furniture Poverty is real in our communities, and it often hides behind closed doors.

At My Furniture Bank we recycle new and gently used home furnishings from individual and corporate donors and distribute them to:

  • – those transitioning from homelessness
  • – refugees
  • – youth living on their own
  • – families living below the poverty line
  • – victims of domestic violence
  • – the elderly
  • – those with disabilities
  • – those who have lost all to fire, a natural disaster or personal tragedy

Every recipient has been referred to us by registered community shelters, faith-based organizations and social agencies. By connecting donors and social agencies, we strive to network families in need with furnishings for their homes.

Help us to eliminate Furniture Poverty in your community!

Our Mission:

My Furniture Bank helps turn a place to live into a home by connecting recycled and gently used furnishings from the community with people who need them.

Our Vision:

To see that everyone has a furnished home.

We are an eco-friendly charity…

My Furniture Bank not only helps families in need, but also helps the environment by diverting thousands of pieces of furniture destined for local landfills every year.