The Mississauga Furniture Bank is fortunate to have the services of a dedicated group of volunteers who coordinate the organization’s committees.

Finance Committee
David Sanders - Chair
Operations Committee
Alwyn de Melo - Chair
The Operations Committee is responsible for overseeing the large scale working plans for MFB. Working with staff and management, the OPS committee ensure that everyone has the proper tools and skills to secure the day to day operations of the organization take place in a timely, efficient and safe manner.
Fund Raising Committee
Are YOU up for the job?
The Fundraising Committee is dedicated to raising brand awareness and funds for the Mississauga Furniture Bank through organizing and implementing social events that bring the community together. We are currently on the lookout for an enthusiastic individual(s) with a passion for fundraising. If you think you are that person, and you are up for the challenge, give us call! We'd love to chat.
Volunteer Committee
Carolina Vitorino - Chair
The Volunteer Committee is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, evaluating, and placing volunteers into various functions committees or activities. They interview volunteers to discover the skills and interests of each volunteer. Orient each volunteer to MFB, and place them into the appropriate committee or task group.