Your guys are awesome!!!  Thanks to Shawn and Randy for being such a big help when I needed it!
Thank you.
Many thanks. Great to be part of a process that supports other members of our community. I will for sure remind friends of this community opportunity and the convenient means of accessing My Furniture Bank.



"When I moved to Ontario I had to wait to get assistance, but I had no furniture or beds for my children. It was Christmas and I felt like a failure to my kids who had already been through so much because of me and my ex. With the small amount of money I saved, I was able to get my apartment furnished and we had our first Christmas in a safe and happy home." 




“I got my beds on Monday. Thank you so much my son loves his new bed and me to!"  




"My family came to this country as refuges. I am happy that my wife and my children are safe. For a long time, we lived with no furnitures, but my wife was then pregnant and she needed a bed. Our church showed us to The Mississauga Furniture Bank and we got all the furnitures for our flat. My family are safe in Canada. Our new baby was born in December."  M.S.         


"I live with friends and in shelters most of the time. Now I’m 67 years old and I just can’t do it anymore. I moved into a senior residence because the Region helped me. I never had my own stuff. I am so happy to have my own furniture now in my own place. I'm more positive now. People are so nice and will help you if you ask them." 




"We moved into a new building and it had bed bugs. My kids all got bitten and we all got sick. The landlord fumigated but we had to throw out all our furniture. It took me years to collect all of that furniture and it was all gone in one shot. Because of (MFB) I was lucky to get beds for my family quickly.




“Thanks for the furnitures and I wish MFB all the best and wish everyone there to have compassion and sincerity as good as yours.”




"My parents moved back home, and I wanted to stay here with my friends and my job. Pretty soon I did not have a job and lost all my stuff. I got good stuff really easy and cheap." 




"I got help from ODSP because I am handicapped. I needed a bed bad. My Furniture Bank delivered and the drivers were super friendly and helpful." 




“Thank you for the timely response and delivery as promised.....  You guys have been very helpful and I should say this.
"Perfection to the core".
Have a great day and a lovely weekend :)
Thank you


"I was pregnant and living alone. I needed a bed before my baby came. I got a bed and other items I needed. I was scared that I could not afford the items but I did and they were all nice things. I feel so much better about the future now."




"I called to find out how it works and the lady on the phone was super nice. I got a referral from my case worker...and the rest was easy. It was also very fast. Thank you for the support to me and my kids!"




"My ex took my stuff when he left. I had nothing until I got help from you guys. Now my kids and me are a lot happier!" 




“Please be noted that , I have already received all my Furnitures as per scheduled delivery schedule and all the items are in good condition . I would like to thank for the service .”